Now Available for a Limited Time! Somewhere Out There, a Short Story Anthology for Charity

More than 150 authors have teamed up to raise money that will sorely be needed by those families that are suffering under the current administration’s “zero tolerance” policies at our southern border, me included. My story features some familiar characters, including Abeni and Eren from Phoenix Burned.

Somewhere Out There Cover

K.I.N.D and Innovative Law Lab will receive all proceeds, to help immigrants with the legal cases that lie ahead of them as they fight to reunite their families. Immigration law is complex to navigate, even moreso as very few immigrants are able to have lawyers represent them, which drastically raises their odds of success in court- though the odds are still stacked against them.

Politics are difficult and contentious right now, and as Katie sees it, we all have to use all of our talents to try to protect our fellow humans from harm. Katie is proud to be a part of Somewhere Out There. Human rights are more important than ever, and Katie is committed to ensuring that the American Dream- give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses- remains available to all refugees in need, regardless of financial ability or country of origin.

Somewhere Out There is available from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iTunes.

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