Review: All My Pieces (The Stables #1), by CE Kilgore

All My Pieces is well worth a read.

A disfigured businessman falls hard for an enigmatic woman, and invites her to participate in all aspects of his life- even the kinky ones.

Some of the best BDSM erotic romance I’ve read, and especially good for beginners. It’s consent oriented, and even deals with some traumatizing aspects of mental illness, abuse, and sex. I was expecting something fun, but was gratified to get something surprisingly meaty instead.

There’s some minor issues with the text- colloquial terms like “huh” or “kinda” are spelled phonetically, and that short circuited my brain a bit. But the story was well worth that awkwardness.

Our hero was alpha but not creepy, and also was one of the rare Doms I’ve read who isn’t marred by abuse, and using his tendencies to work through that trauma. Nothing wrong with people who do that, so long as they’re healthy about it and treat their subs well, but it’s not even remotely the whole picture. So this was a pleasure to read.

Our heroine’s different psyche was, for the most part, well presented, and incredibly empathetic.  But the aspects of her development that happened made sense.

I’d recommend the book pretty unequivocally.  Given that I usually have at least a few eyerolls and plot gripes, that’s saying something.


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