Review: A Hooker’s Variety Show

Okay, so I had fun with A Hooker’s Variety Show. It’s really well written, quite humorous, and even though it’s not really written for romance and titillation, it’s seriously worth a read.

Disclaimer, or point of interest. This was written by someone in the social circle of someone I know. So it came with a pretty solid recommendation. I spent several minutes when I first began reading wondering if I could recognize the author’s voice, thinking maybe we HAD met previously, and I just didn’t know this pseudonym. Miranda’s voice reads like she’s talking to a close friend, so I’m sure I’m not the only reader who has left the book feeling like they might¬†actually know her.

No point in speculation, though. A good voice is a good voice, and Miranda’s voice is snarky, to the point, and a pleasure to read.

Sex worker memoirs or stories can be a mixed bag, since the narratives that dominate aren’t always the most authentic. You won’t find a trafficked victim or woman looking to be white knighted in here. ¬†Just a bossy, assured woman making a (to most people’s eyes) unorthodox choice for her life.

So, my kind of story, and my kind of point of view.

Rock on, Miranda!