Coming November 23rd: Queen of Club: Malia in the eighth WTRAFSOG anthology!

Exciting news! Malia will release a little early as part of the WTRAFSOG Gemstone anthologies. I’m pretty psyched, since WTRAFSOG is a great source of recommendations, and has steered me to some amazing books. I’ve had a lot of fun with the amazing members of that community.


It’ll be widely available on its own December 15th, but exclusive in The Gemstone Collection until then. So get it for a great price, and meet several other amazing authors at the same time! Something to keep you occupied until Tori comes out, in January.


I’ll share a purchase link as soon as it’s available, but in the meantime, you’re all invited to come hang out on facebook¬†for the launch party. Lots of giveaways, including some handmade wearable pretties I’ve been working on, and good natured pervy fun with an amazing batch of authors.

Love and Lapdances!


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