Katie, on Suz deMello’s Velvet Lair

A ways back, I got the chance to talk with Suz deMello, an awesome e-rom writer. Two of our books appear alongside each other in the WTRAFSOG Gemstone Collection. I’m planning on reviewing her book Perilous Play, soon, as it covers aspects of BDSM that are along my sore spots when other projects cover them badly.

Anyways, check me out on her blog.

#5. Do wear glittery eyeshadow. There’s a time and a place for everything. And glittery eyeshadow can take an ordinary smoky eye from date night to larger than life.  A little in the inner corner of the eye can light up your face. Or even covering the lids completely. The trick to keeping it in place is in what you use to stick it to your skin. Some companies produce sticky primers, like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, that are good. To be honest, though, my favorite is plain old Vaseline.  This doesn’t work for normal eyeshadow, because Vaseline sits on the skin, and will smear it around. But that exact lack of absorption makes it basically ideal for keeping hold of the glitter all night long. Put it ONLY on the lid, not where your eye creases- in the crease, it will move around more. And use as little as you can. Just enough to make the skin tacky.

Count the rest down with her!

Love and lapdances!

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