Queen of Clubs: Tori’s Dancer Playlist

Tori’s live, y’all, and $.99 for just a few more days! Full list of etailers here.

BradleyPromo copy

And in honor of her launch, here’s her dancer playlist. Lots of tough, aggressive music spanning electronica and rock. ┬áBonus point for cude lyrics.

Let’s make it a Lord of Acid kind of night.

Love and lapdances!


Tori’s Playlist.

Puscifer Rev 2:20

Lords of Acid Spank My Booty

Lords of Acid The Power Is Mine

Fluke Absurd

Danzig Mother

One Inch Punch Pretty Piece Of Flesh

Hess Is More Yes Boss

Concrete Blonde Bloodletting

Marc Almond and Siouxsee Sioux Threat of Love

Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know?

Siouxsee and the Banshees Trust in Me

Fatboy Slim Smack My Bitch Up

Rob Zombie Pussy Liquor

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