Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena and Crystal are up for preorder!

As y’all can see, I suck at posting this this stuff promptly. While you were checking out Tori, you may have already noticed the preorder pages. But just in case, here’s buy links for the next two Queen of Clubs installments!

Krissy & Athena releases February 9th, and Crystal releases March 9th. Marina, the last installment in Queen of Clubs Season One will be up in April, but no preorders yet.



Here’s the preorder links:


Update 2/6: There’s a problem with the Amazon preorder for Krissy & Athena, so if you have already ordered it, you may need to do it again once I’ve got the product link replaced. Amazon mistakenly canceled the preorder, and I don’t yet know whether the existing purchases will be reinstated.

Update 2/11: The Amazon purchase link for Krissy & Athena is now up. It took a long time for them to get it back up. I’ll have some updates to share very soon, as a result of this fiasco. But in the meantime, enjoy the new books!

Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena Releases 2.9.15
Now available for preorder from AmazonARE, Smashwords, B&N,Kobo, iTunes

Queen of Clubs: Crystal Releases 3.9.15
Now Available for preorder from AmazonARE, Smashwords,B&N, Kobo, iTunes

Got more stuff to announce this week, and I’m getting ready for a very social few weeks right around Valentine’s Day. You might have the sense that I’m as close to a hermit as it’s possible to be in this day and age, so this is very exciting. Couple that with a nasty virus that both myself and the man-beast have caught, and…. there’s a good chance that when you hear from me next, I’ll be completely crazy.  But there’s fun in that too. Anyone wanna put money down on how long before I crack, start doing polework on street signs or trying to tuck my grocery money into the cashier’s shirt?

Nah, I tease. But v-day is kinda Christmas for me, since I love having the excuse to bask in all the love in the world. So it’s the best time for me to gush, and flirt.

Love and Lapdances!

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