Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena– Athena’s Makeup

First look to show! Glittery, dramatic, and neon, this look is definitely something for the stage or the bedroom, not for the faint of heart. But it matches that tangerine bikini! Later I’ll post something closer to Athena’s normal work look.


A quick caution before we start: the main color in this is Sugarpill Supercharged, a multi-use makeup pigment. Basically, you can use it as eyeshadow, as blush, mix it with lip gloss or nail polish… Laws on the safety of cosmetic products for different usages vary by region, and while this one is cleared for use around the eyes elsewhere, the FDA here in the US has not weighed in. So it’s probably pretty low-risk using it on the eyes, but use your discretion. If you have sensitive skin,  give the look a pass, and don’t risk a bad reaction.  Or swap in a different color; the nice thing about this look is that you can take pretty much any bright pigment for the lid, and it’ll look killer. In my years, I haven’t had a bad reaction from using a lip-safe pigment on the eyes, or an eye-safe pigment on the lips, but that’s totally just my own mileage. Yours may vary.

Many thanks to MACFaceCharts for the face chart template. Saves me from drawing one myself.

How  to create it:



Products used are listed in the face chart. Technique, though… check out this post for the basics, and note that I’ve skipped including a browbone highlight color, because Athena is a woman of color, and I can’t demonstrate that on my face. Substitute your preferred highlight color, and don’t worry about it.

Begin with primed eyelids and groomed eyebrows. Use a medium fluffy brush wet with a little mixing medium to foil Supercharged pigment, and apply to the entire lower lid. I take a bit of time to blend it upward toward the crease and browbone; the brush will dry as you go, and it won’t be as opaque as it is on the lower lid. If you have too much water in the mix, pat more dry pigment overtop to absorb it and richen the color.

Once you have that top edge as soft as you like, use a slightly smaller round fluffy brush to apply Stella pigment to the crease, blending inward to the inner crease, and downward over the outer edge of the lower lid. This will dull some of the outer edge of the Supercharged, and soften the blend. Next, clean excess pigment from your brush, and use small circles to blend the pigment you already applied upward a little, soften that edge.

Apply your highlight color of choice immediately below the browbone, and blend downward into the grayish edge of the crease.

Line lower waterline, blending waterproof gel liner outward into lower outer lashline, to keep up the intensity. Line the upper lid, working inwards and softening it so that only the outer 2/3 of the lid is lined. The inner 1/3 can stay bare.

Curl lashes, apply a coat of mascara, and apply a few trimmed sections of false lashes to thicken the lashes at the outer edge.

Note: The false lashes are optional. I didn’t use them here because falsies add up when you’re just wearing them around the house, and I’ve got ungodly awesome lashes anyways, so they’re not a part of my appearance regimen when I can help it. I know that’s a bit humblebrag-y, but it’s honesty. For stage or clubwear, falsies are a must, for most people. But it’s just not needed here.

Blend false lashes out with another coat of mascara. If needed, sweep makeup remover under the eye to remove excess glittery pigment fallout, and apply concealer and foundation as preferred.

For cheeks, I recommend the NARS orgasm cream highlighter over a densely pigmented matte coral blush; the color will show through, but the shimmer in the highlighter adds depth. If you want, you can contour your face as per the usual. But especially with a color this bright on the eyes, if it’s the only color in the face, it might not look balanced. So, coral tones to the blush, and sheer coral tones for the lips. I’m not providing a specific lip gloss or lipliner tone, as that will depend heavily on your skin tone. You want one that looks neutral enough to be natural, but pigmented enough to show up. If you want, you can even mix your own intensity of gloss with the Supercharged pigment, for an EXACT match. Trust me; it turns a little more coral/salmon when mixed with gloss, and the gold sparkle is divine.

Anyways, that’s the first of the dancer-themed looks I have to share. If you have fun with it, leave a comment, tell me your favorite dancer, and who I should paint up like next! Otherwise, I’ll see you soon with more of these.

Love and lapdances!

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