Queen of Clubs: Lia now available!


Woohoo! Moving right along through Season Two.

Lia’s a strange one to write- she’s, in many ways, the Queen of Clubs’ moral compass, nurturing new dancers and standing defiant for her boundaries in the face of an industry that’s changing and demanding more from her. She’s the voice of experience, and also one of the loudest voices of condemnation, for the girls who don’t behave in ways that separate them from prostitutes, who she dislikes. It’s kind of a tough line to walk, especially given my own preference for supporting all sex workers, regardless of which facet of the industry they work in.

This is where the Queen of Clubs stuff starts getting interesting. Now that we’ve spent time with enough of the girls that you can start seeing where the cliques are, and the frictions. It’s kind of a circus, keeping it all straight in my head, but it makes for fun reading with lots of easter eggs. Lots of fun details tucked away in there.

Love and lapdances!

Queen of Clubs: Lia
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