Dancer Playlist: Marina

Marina’s music, well, it’s kind of comforting all-purpose stuff. Stuff she heard her dad listen to, and stuff that doesn’t make her customers feel old. ¬†She doesn’t get a huge kick out of the playlist, so long as it makes those around her relaxed. And especially with the amount of time she spends traveling in rural areas, that means she’s really open to country, classic rock, and classic soul- though on that last one, I don’t doubt she’d have a comment about the slow music not being good for the overall club money. She’s a DJ’s darling, for her flexibility, in that way. Kirk’ll never have to tell her that the crowd’s just “too old” for her playlist.

Moody Blues Slide Zone

Van Halen Hot For Teacher

Pink Floyd Money

The Cardigans Lovefool

Def Leopard Pour Some Sugar On Me

J. Geils Band My Angel Is The Centerfold

Lizzie Grant (Aka Lana Del Rey) Kill Kill

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Phenomena

Led Zeppelin Black Dog

Blondie Heart of Glass

Red Hot Chile Peppers Higher Ground

Aerosmith Dream On

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