Dancer Playlist: Lia

I’ve been so swamped with new stories, I’ve gotten behind on sharing playlists and such with you guys! Starting with Lia’s.

Lots of classic rock, and a handful of newer songs with an updated classic rock vibe. Lia doesn’t try to play to current tastes- she picks the stuff that makes her customers feel young. If she gets a younger DJ, it might take a little negotiation to get a fuller playlist for a busy night shift, but her songs will be a respite for older guys who’re put off by all the pop and rap stuff. And there’s money to be made in that.

Love and lapdances!


Raspberries Go All The Way

Red Bone Come And Get Your Love

Creedence Clearwater Revival Heard It Through The Grapevine

Nickelback Rockstar

Van Halen Hot for Teacher

Deff Leopard Pour Some Sugar On Me

J. Geils Band Angel Is The Centerfold

Blondie Call Me

Poe Angry Johnny

Pat Benatar X Rated

Pat Benatar In The Heat Of The Night

Pat Benatar Heartbreaker

Pat Benatar Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall

Marylin Manson Tainted Love

Marylin Manson Sweet Dreams

Edwyn Collins- Girl like you (never met a girl like you before)

White Zombie More Human Than A Human

The Who Love Reign Over Me

Kavinsky Night Call

Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain

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