Review: Fast Girl, on Tits and Sass

It’s been a hella crazy month. Lots of new titles up, including some ones that are wildly different than what you’ve seen from me thus far. But on top of that, I can now cross one thing off my bucket list: writing for Tits and Sass.

As is probably very obvious, I’m a huge fan of sex worker-centered media, because there’s so few opportunities for us to talk about our stories in ways that aren’t framed by outsiders’ ideas about it. And Tits and Sass has been one of the safest places for sex workers to talk about issues that matter to them, and their own experiences. Writing for them is a dream come true.

So clicky clicky to get some thoughts on Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness, the newly-released memoir of Suzy Favor Hamilton, an Olympic runner turned escort.  While you’re there, poke around to see some amazing discussions  on sex work in the media, and a host of other stuff.



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