Dancer Playlist: Candy

Candy’s music’s all over the place. From upbeat pop, rap, and EDM, to songs tinged with bittersweet longing and tragedy… She’s a wild card. You never know quite what you’ll get, since it’s whatever feels fun to her in the moment.

Candy knows what she’s doing, and her music reflects that. Powerful women stalking their prey, and dancing without a care. She can be out of control or brazen at times, but that’s part of her charm.

Lana Del Rey The Other Woman

Brittney Spears Perfume

Lana Del Rey Serial Killer

NERD Lapdance

Angel Haze NY

Angel Haze Crown

The Pack Booty Bounce Bopper

The Pack Candy

Cypress Hill Hits From The Bong

Diplo and GTA Boy Oh Boy

Peaches Talk To Me

Sia Elastic Heart

The White Stripes Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)

Tov Low Habits (Hippie Sabotage remix)

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