Lions and tigers and…

Happy 2017, guys!

I’m kicking off the new year with a bang, admittedly even more of one thanks to 2017’s first medical crisis. But I’m hanging in there, and doing well. So I wanted to tell y’all a little about the changes.

First off, as you may have noticed from the site’s new look, it’s time for a new look! Because I write so many different styles of romance, I want you to know what you’re getting. So to that end….. Say hello to Tiger Tarantino and Lila Vega!

For the most part, nothing will change. You don’t have to sign up for a new mailing list or anything, and most of my social media will continue being handled from my existing Katie de Long accounts. But when you see “Katie de Long writing as Tiger Tarantino” on that cover, I want you to have a little bit of an idea what you’re in for.

As Tiger Tarantino, I write romance suspense that skews toward the dark end of the spectrum. Horror influences, boundary-pushing shit, antiheroes galore, and lots of blood and gore.

As Lila Vega, I write flirty erotic contemporaries that are a bit lighter in scope and content. Very little bloodshed, very little stuff that you need to “prepare” yourself for, if you’re sensitive to some topics. Maybe you wouldn’t read these to your mother, but at the very least, you wouldn’t have to cover your eyes if you’re squeamish.

And, of course, K. de Long, where I’ve written PNR for a year now. All the same magic and weirdness and adrenaline, the same name… nothing new to see there. My paranormal romance as K. de Long skews toward the darker side of the genre, with dark fantasy elements, thriller and horror elements, and- yes- antiheroes, my favorite of favorites.

So when you see that dandy new email in your inbox with new books, and see those author names on the covers, I hope that gives you a little guidance, so you can get just the book you’re looking for!

I’m hard at work redoing covers for my backlist, so you’re gonna see this on new books before you see it on any of the past releases you’ve already snagged for your Kindle.

On a personal level, I’m super psyched to introduce you guys to the new “me”. ¬†Any stripper worth her salt can tell you that a pseudonym that she has a strong connection to can be worth its weight in gold. And both of these names speak to very, very different parts of me. Lila is the me that’s fun-loving, a little exhibitionist, and taking it all day-by-day. Tiger is the me that’s like, “RAWR!”, ready to come in, baseball bat swinging, taking no prisoners, seize your hand, and send you careening off on the adventure of your life.

So happy 2017, guys! Let’s make it a good one.



aka Tiger Tarantino, Lila Vega, and K. de Long, here for your romance-reading needs.

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