Hey, wait, what happened to *insert book name*?

PSA from your friendly neighborhood kissy writer, guys! I owe you many more updates, as it’s been a while. I’ve been posting updates to facebook, and emailed my ARC readers and mailing list with them, however I have had a lot of news to share, and not much ability to do it.

But today’s PSA. I am redoing all of the formatting, and doing one last rewrite on many of my books. This means that a I roll out the new books, some may be temporarily unavailable. So if you wander over to my Amazon page, and don’t see, say, Lone Wolf, just check back in a few weeks and it should be back.

Normally, updates don’t require a book to come down, however I’m also handling back-end stuff that may cause the books to flicker in and out of availability. It’s nothing to be afraid of, just me doing what I can to provide y’all with the best, prettiest, smoothest, most awesome reader experience ever!

Now, you may notice I mentioned Lone Wolf. As of this post, Lone Wolf is the first up in the beautician’s chair. It’s an example of what everything else is gonna look like, going forward. So for those of you who haven’t made your way to that series, or Dante and Ria, please be patient– it’ll be worth the wait. I promise.

I hope y’all have had a lovely summer, with lots of sunshine and air conditioning, in equal measure. Stay tuned for my next update, explaining why I’ve been so quiet, what’s going on that has slowed down my effort to provide y’all with lots of sexy stories.

Cover Reveal: Fire & Fury

Hey, all!

Those of you who follow my facebook know that it’s been a doozy of a year, with new medical diagnoses, and ample chaos to go around. But amidst all that, I got to participate in a super cool project I’m thrilled to unveil…. the Lick of Fire series. Basically, Lick of Fire is a multi-author paranormal romance series with twelve contributing authors, each writing three books. We’re releasing weekly. Our first author, Kim Faulks just released her first book, Hell is a Harem this week. More on Lick of Fire through the banner. Otherwise, keep scrolling to learn more about Fire & Fury.


Coming April 17th, I have my own first entry, Fire & Fury.

Fire & Fury is the first part of a three part serial, Phoenix Burned. The second installment, Scorched Earth, will hit your kindles May 8th, and the third installment, Ashes to Ashes, will be out July 31st. Those of you who read Chameleon may remember Reza’s twin Eren. Well, it’s time Eren got a story of his own. Thus far, Eren’s been largely overshadowed by his twin- and with good reason. He’s got some shit to work through- and has been avoiding it for centuries. The reappearance of an old love’s gonna force him to come clean with himself about exactly why he’s been stuck punishing himself for so long- and exactly how he can move forward.

Without further ado…. check out the cover for Fire & Fury!

Fire & Fury - Katie de Long FINISHEDsmall

Fire & Fury is available to preorder on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo.


For Writers: Building Your Sprinting Muscles To Up Your Daily Output

As writers, we’ve got many tools in our arsenal to get the words flowing, no matter what may be happening in our outside lives. And one of the most valuable- the one that’s saved my ass time and again- is the lowly sprint.

See, it’s easy for us to put conditions on our writing. We can only write when conditions are perfect- no glare on the monitor, no kids begging for snacks, no appointments, looming in the wings- or in the case of disabled people like me, no health issues flaring, demanding attention and coddling. But the problem is, while some degree of control over your environment is needed to facilitate a more fluid writing process, perfectionism easily bleeds into procrastination. Don’t have an hour before that appointment? Well, guess you just can’t write today.

Sprinting is a way of short-circuiting your brain’s procrastination habits and low-motivation periods, by creating habits in which you encourage yourself to focus- but only for short periods of time. It’s easier to commit to putting words on the page when you can break that daunting task from something huge(Finish the whole chapter. Write thousands of words.) into something manageable(write however many words you can in the 20 minutes you have before the kids get home from school.)

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So You Want To Be A Writer: NaNoWriMo Process!

Writing this because lately I’ve had a fair amount of acquaintances seeking for guidance in starting writing. And while everyone’s processes are different, with NaNo coming up, it seemed like as good a time as any to talk about it a little bit.

See, National Novel Writing Month was integral to my development as a writer. I began writing for a NaNo, and finishing that novel in good time was one of the things that reassured me that I could write.

Especially in your early days as a writer, it’s all about developing habits you’ll need for the long term. To this day I do NaNos, both to get stories off my chest quickly and maintain my confidence, but also because there’s a special sense of community associated with it that writing often lacks, unless you’ve got a really tight group of writers.

It sounds daunting, so let’s break down what it takes to write a novel’s first draft in a month.

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Cover Reveal for Chameleon!

And now, for the last cover redesign in the main Inkubus series. Chameleon is a somewhat tricky one to illustrate, because of how much of Alisa’s power stems from movement. Stock photo searches are one of the banes of authors’ lives. The challenge in “casting” Alisa was primarily that the posing had to have a lot of movement to it.

Thank you for checking out the new covers, and scroll down to have a look at Alisa!


The Inkubus series is getting shiny new covers!

Sickness is a funny thing. Sometimes one task will be all but impossible, and you’ll have to shift to do something else. And even tasks that are both “creative” pull different things from the brain. Case in point, I can’t write while I have a migraine… but I can handle Photoshop. Go figure.

I tell you this because part and parcel with the pretty updated formatting I’ve been working on are pretty new covers. You can’t stare at the same piece of art for years without periodically getting the urge to try something different.

So that’s how the Inkubus series ended up with a whole new series of covers. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me sharing these already. But just in case…. taadaaaa!


I’ll be back soon with the covers for Reaper, and Chameleon, and maybe I’ll even show off a few cards from the de Long tarot. I’m still moving slowly from August’s surgery, and am still pretty sick, so you’ve got some time to catch up on your TBR list while you wait for new books from me.  And with so many awesome new books coming soon- (Any Lili st. Germain fans waiting for Gun Shy?) that list’ll be full again soon enough.

Next up, the new Reaper cover!



Yo, Katie, WTF? Why haven’t you released anything in so long?

Those of you who follow my facebook profile have already heard the full story. Basically, 2017 has been a hellish year of surprises including a cancer scare, two surgeries (One of which is this freaking week!), time living on an oxygen pump, and a host of meds warping my brain chemistry until I could barely speak a coherent sentence, let along tell a coherent story comprised of thousands of coherent sentences.

It’s been one of those make-you-or-break-you times. It’s unfortunately taken a great personal toll on me, one that I am still paying. I’ve had to back out of some projects, delay others, and everything has been topsy-turvy as I struggle to find a balance that allows me to receive medical treatment, manage a dozen specialists, and pursue my creative projects. I’m still not through it, but I am trying to take advantage of my ability to continue working slowly. This is affording me the opportunity to catch up on smaller tasks, such as redoing my formatting using Vellum (which is the Cadillac of formatting), and producing paperback editions for books that had never had them prior.

I hope you’ll stick with me until I’m back on my feet. I promise, it’ll be worth the wait. I’m still pressing forward as I can, and I’ve even been indulging a new creative project, the de Long tarot: a collection of limited edition tarot cards themed off my PNR works. The de Long tarot is ONLY available through giveaways- you can’t buy these suckers solo. So stay tuned for giveaways, and for a new-and-improved experience with my books.

And in the meantime, well-wishes are appreciated. Living so close to death wears a person down under the best of circumstances, and mine are closer to the worst. I’ve got family support, but it’s still been an isolating period, which only worsens things. If you’d like to send me a get-well note, sign up for Sarahah.com, and fill out an anonymous message for me at my page here: katiedelong.Sarahah.com. Or, you can leave it on my facebook or email: katiedelong.writer@gmail.com.

What’s going on with Inkubus?


As some of you may have noticed, I’ve slowed down on publishing books in my main Inkubus series. It took me a while to come to terms with why I was dragging my feet, but now that I know, it’s time to ‘fess up.
Those of you who’ve read more than one of my books know how much I love a good setting with vibrant characters whose interactions are fun even outside of their own romances. I prefer to create one world, and play out lots of conflicts within it, as old characters make cameos and throw wrenches into new characters’ plans.
So with each book in the main Inkubus series pushing that central conflict forward, I realized that if I wrapped it up too soon, I was gonna miss out on telling a lot of other stories while it’s raging its hottest. (No pun intended).
And that would have wrecked me.
With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to two new series in the Inkubus universe.
Born In Blood Banner
First up, Born in Blood, which will kick off in June with Siren’s Curse. Born in Blood follows Detective John Camden of Reaper fame, and his tough-talking only-a-friend-no-really leading lady Tia. Secrets, lies, and a curse that could claim their lives.
Siren’s Curse (Born in Blood #1) is available for preorder on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. You can also catch a sneak preview of it in This Is Indie, a free sampler containing sneak peeks at some of the most exciting books to hit your kindle this spring. Get it free from Amazon, iBooks, and Nook.
 Fly Away Angel Bannerr
Next up, coming some time after Siren’s Curse releases, Fly Away Angel, which will begin with Born Sinner. Fly Away Angel is an extremely dark romantic urban fantasy series following an ex-con and her frenemy trying to elude a murderous cabal of demons. Intrigue, repentance, and an answer to the question most of us hope we never have to ask: how long must someone suffer to become the best version of themselves?
Both of these will be multi-book series that are a little more Urban Fantasy-heavy than the main Inkubus series. They follow a single couple- not a new couple each book. You’re gonna get your HEA, and read lots of delicious smutty sex besides, but they’re more of a slow burn.
There’s more to come after that, but those are the two I’m cutting my teeth on. I intend to continue publishing Inkubus books as needed depending how these series move the overall world’s conflict forward. But that’s why you haven’t seen Stalker yet.
I hope you’re as excited as I am by all this. If not, I hope you will be once you’ve checked out an exclusive sneak-peek of Siren’s Curse in This Is Indie, available free from all retailers. Get it free from Amazon, iBooks, and Nook.
Also coming up is the re-release of Alliance, and the release of more Mated in Hell. With my medical stuff getting in the way, I haven’t had time to line it up yet, however that will be coming soon, as well. I haven’t forgotten about Tessa and Liam’s ongoing wary circling.
So that’s the update on all of the magical love stories you can expect to see from my K. de Long penname this summer. I’ve also got Black Roses ongoing, under Tiger Tarantino, and am cooking up a host of new books, as well. Thanks for sticking with me!

On disability.

Today, I swiped a stick of foundation across my jawline, leaning into the mirror to see whether the color blended.  The woman next to me snuck a look at me- then a longer one. I smiled at her. “Your eyes are really pretty. Those colors look great on you,” I told her. It wasn’t a lie- the pale, pearly shadow she had brushed on her inner corners showed  up beautifully.
She smiled wide. “Thanks. Umm, can I ask you a personal question?”
Most people don’t get personal over testers at the local Sephora. But I knew the conversation she was about to start, because it was the fourth time that day I’d had that conversation.
Life is different when you’re visibly disabled.
I’m fortunate; unless you strip me down to find the scars, most of my disabilities are invisible in most circumstances.
In most circumstances.
As my family began planning a vacation to an amusement park- no small undertaking with several kids and several adults to coordinate- an awkward subject came up. One of the kids was probably gonna need a wheelchair. After the planning session, my partner pulled me to the side. He avoided my eye, so I cut him off before he could force the words out. “I think I may need one too, if the doctors can’t figure it out by then.”
“I’m sure they will,” he said. “But it might be a backup plan.”
The months passed, taking it from a backup plan to a certainty. I didn’t have an easy time with that- I had once walked a mile or so home after moving cross country with a used TV perched on my shoulder for my new residence. I had been athletic for most of my life. But it was more important to enjoy the vacation without being in tears just from the pain of staying on my feet for a single ride’s line.
I nearly cried sitting down that first day. It felt too much like admitting I was never going to get back up.
When my mobility-restricted companion saw me, they squealed. “We’re wheelchair buddies!” They sat next to me on rides, and tried demanding their father race my partner with our chairs. They offered me their arm to lean on when I walked. I was happy that the wheelchair had taken the brunt off them for theirs- I knew them well enough to know how their health issues and mobility issues too often set them apart from others. I smiled, and played along.
But I saw the stares we got. Each one was a pebble tossed into my lap, until I could hardly believe my partner could still push the chair past their weight.
He got up to stand in line at a snack kiosk, setting my wheelchair, with me in it, to the side of the main thoroughfare. A man cutting a corner without looking walked into my chair. “You’re a fucking cunt,” he told me. “If you can’t walk, you shouldn’t be here.”  He was gone by the time my partner got back. I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to ruin the trip.
At the end of that trip, I was overfreakingjoyed to get out of the chair and return to short walks and frequent breaks- and ashamed, that I missed how much less I hurt when I wasn’t constantly forced to overdo my body’s limits for even minor activities.
Like I said, I’m fortunate.
Following my recent surgery, my body recovered exceptionally well in some ways- and unusually poorly in others. I was able to start moving in record time- but my blood was functioning abnormally poorly. So I’m on oxygen now. I’m not sure for how long- I guess that’s up to my blood. I hope that it, like the wheelchair, is temporary.
About that conversation…
“Can I ask you something personal?”
“Umm, sure.”
She carefully avoided looking at me, combing a wand over an already-mascaraed eyelash that was free of clumps, too. The action was superfluous, but one of those little moments of grace that those of us who wear makeup rarely get to see others do. “Do you have… that… because you’re a smoker?”
Same I had with the others, I laughed. “Sorry, no. I’ve had one cigarette my entire life.”
The wand stilled. For a moment, the fear she’d been trying to hide hung their between us, painted across her face. “Oh.”
“Don’t worry about it,” I told her. “I just lost the genetic lottery.”
She took her weight off her elbows, standing straight to look me in the eye. “Don’t say that. No genes are bad genes. They make you you.”
That they do.
So why was she- and every other person who started that same conversation- so afraid of me?
Our bodies are our homes. Homes aren’t supposed to be fragile. Homes aren’t supposed to have cracks in the roofing, or gas leaks, or flimsy walls, or quirky creaks on the stairs. That person complaining about the drafts must be imagining it- because no homes have faulty caulking. So we curse at the creaks, and tear up the stairs, installing new planks only to discover that it may not have fixed the creak- or that the creak may not have been worth fucking with. We pretend to ignore those drips until we run out of pots to catch the water. We pretend not to smell the fumes, until they poison us in our sleep. We treat doctors as a luxury, rather than as a necessity.
We look at those whose homes came with flaws, idiosyncrasies, or differences that prevent them from functioning in the same way ours do as having somehow caused or deserved it. The fat. The smoking. The drinking. That person in the wheelchair has no right to the space they take up.
Because so long as it’s their own bad choices biting them in the ass, that person lugging an oxygen tank around, or that person in the chair will never be you.
Until it is.
So long as it’s their own bad choices biting them in the ass, you don’t have to consider whether you’ve been kind to others in their position. You don’t have to consider accommodating their needs.  You don’t have to ask, “What if they’ve always been that way?” You don’t have to consider that sometimes homes just aren’t built that sturdily. You don’t have to consider that even the most sturdy homes eventually succumb to rot, to disaster, to age.
You can blithely believe that there are no bad genes.
Only bad choices.