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Bad Bad Thing Finished

Bad, Bad Thing 

When a friend schedules an escort to celebrate Noah’s newfound singledom, the last thing he expects is for her to be the one that got away—his best friend’s sister. Brenna doesn’t seem to recognize him, and he can’t bear to break it to her. How could a straight-A student end up here, in this bland hotel room? But the old sparks are still there, and this might be the only way he can ever have her. In letters, she’s the same as ever, but in person, he’s no more than another unfamiliar face, and another boner.

Brenna’s got her secrets, and he’s got his own. Two wounded halves of an extremely messed up whole. He can’t quit her, but with every clandestine meet, it becomes more and more difficult to tell her either. Something’s gotta give. He’ll do anything to make her his. If he doesn’t lose her in the process.

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Life is made of patterns,  repeated over and over. And mine are violence,  abuse,  near death experiences. I hate lying to him, but if I tell him the truth,  he’ll never give me what I need.
No matter  the consequences, the danger, I’ll tell him, and myself, that this is only a roleplay, just for fun.
And if it all goes wrong, c’est la vie, right?

Edgeplay is available from Amazon, B&N, Google PlayiTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords . It may not be available from all e-tailers, due to some upsetting content. For more information, read this. If you can not find it from your preferred e-tailer and format, email your purchase number or receipt from any other etailer to Name your preferred reading device, and you’ll receive a copy in that format.


A free collection of bittersweet romances. Features an exclusive short in the Queen of Clubs.

From the editor of “Cult Classics for the Modern Cult” comes a bold new collection of love stories from the wrong side of the tracks. Romance is about having your heart’s desires fulfilled…but what if they go wrong? Or what if you don’t know what you really want?

Six authors tackle the flip side of happily-ever-after in this collection of sci fi, paranormal, and contemporary short stories and novellettes. But beware–these stories are shaded by tragedy and sorrow. Abuse, substance addiction, sex, and suicide colour these pages. But then…who said love was easy?

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Cult Classics For The Modern Cult

Cult Classics For The Modern Cult, available now from most major e-tailers.

Eternal Lie, a short story by Katie de Long, appears exclusively in the Amazon bestseller Cult Classics For The Modern Cult, edited by Michelle Browne. Cult Classics is available for free from Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords.

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