K. de Long

As K. de Long, Katie is a New York Times Bestseller, author of dark fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and post-apocalyptic fantasy romance.  Check out some of her series, below.


Inkubus– They are sex, made flesh and dream. Walk through human sexuality with the incubi and succubi who make fantasies come alive.

Born In Blood Banner

Born in Blood–A murderous siren and a cop-turned-warlock: unlikely BFFs and lovers. What could go wrong?

Fly Away Angel Bannerr


Fly Away Angel–Only in hell can angels truly thrive. How long must someone suffer to unleash their truest potential?

Mated In Hell Banner

Mated in Hell–An alpha-on-alpha battle of wits between unhappy shifter mates Tessa and Liam, as they try to outsmart each other– and Liam’s murderous brother.

Multi-author Paranormal Romance series:

Lone Wolf Banner

Fated & Forbidden– A paranormal romance multi-author series that include’s K. de Long’s Lone Wolf.

Lick of Fire– A multi-author paranormal romance series including a three-episode serial arc by K. de Long: Phoenix Burned.

Standalones, Shorts, and Collections

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