Complete Book List

A full list of Katie de Long’s books, by genre and chronological reading order.

Paranormal Romance and Dark Fantasy as K. de Long

Weapon (.5)
Inkubus (1)
Fear of Flying (Novella)  (1.5)
Dreamers (Novella) (1.5)
Reaper (2)
Chameleon (3)
Stalker (Coming Soon) (4)

Born in Blood 
Siren’s Curse
Siren’s Touch (Coming Soon)

Fated & Forbidden
Lone Wolf (Novella)

Lick of Fire (Phoenix Burned serial)
Fire & Fury (Phoenix Burned #1)
Scorched Earth (Coming Soon) (Phoenix Burned #2)
Ashes to Ashes (Coming Soon) (Phoenix Burned #3)

Mated in Hell (Down for revisions- will be republished soon)
Alliance (1)
Amnesty (2)
Allegiance (3)

Fly Away Angel (Coming Soon)
Born Sinner

Dark Romance and Romance Suspense as Tiger Tarantino

Capture (1)
Torture (2)
Restrain (3)
Mindfuck (4)
Ravage (5)
Deathwish (6)

Anarchy and Romance
Anarchy & Kisses (1)
Anarchy & Roses (2)
Anarchist’s Lullaby (Standalone)

Black Roses  (Coming Soon)
Oleander’s Kiss (1)
Broken Thorn (2)
In the Wreckage (3)
Apex Predator (4)

Eden’s Exiles (Coming Soon)
An Unlikely Saint (1)
Look Away (2)
Killer Instinct (3)
Away From Neverland (4)

Honeypot (Serial) (Coming Soon)
Explosive Finish (1)
Hearts on Fire (Novella) (1.5)
Working Girl (2)
Solo Act (3)
Out With A Bang (4)

Princess of Thieves
Incognito (Novella)(.5)
Impregnable (1)

Contemporary Romance as Lila Vega

Bad, Bad Thing

Love and Lapdances (Novellas)
Volume One (1-7)
Party Lights
Step Back
The Hunt
Double Dance
The Chase

Volume Two (7-13)
Teach Me
Plan B
Dare You
Bet You
Party Girl

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