Queen of Clubs: Cora is now available for pre-order.

I’m a little late in sharing this news; I apologize for that. But I’m pleased to announce that Queen of Clubs’ first season is kicking off November 14th, with the release of Queen of Clubs: Cora. Advanced Reader Copies are currently going out, so if you are interested in reviewing Cora right at release, sign up here.


If you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably heard me talk about QoC in the past. It’s a series of standalone steamy romance novellas following different points of view among the staff of a strip club, as they go about their work and love-lives. Each entry is short- about 15k words. So perfect for chilly afternoons or, after that, long holiday checkout lines.

The road to publishing has been pretty long, and I’m looking forward to all of my work (and my man’s patience) paying off.

Love and Lapdances!

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Music Review: Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolence, Track By Track

For another good review of the album, though not track-by-track, you might enjoy Times’ review. I certainly did- it summed up my feelings mostly perfectly, by tying it in with some of the nostalgia that is coming to dominate our culture, and looking at the ways we use it as a shorthand to avoid exploring alternate ideas.

“I keep looking deeper into Ultraviolence because I want to understand what Del Rey is trying to understand. I want to know why the culture around me keeps grasping at past emblems — why advertising for 40-year-old movies still decorates college dorm rooms, why I can make my iPhone look like a Polaroid, why 90,000 people sing along to roots rock at Bonnaroo. I want to know why we reuse these tropes uncritically, reaching for analog without asking what gives it power. Lana Del Rey looks at the imagery we keep and tries to find what’s missing in it. What do we avoid looking at when we buy pictures of Marilyn Monroe, not thinking of why Norma Jeane Mortenson died so young? Whose stories do we allow to remain subdued?”

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Cult Classics For The Modern Cult is now free from Amazon and B&N

Cult Classics For The Modern Cult, edited by Michelle Browne, with stories from some great and weird people is now available free from Amazon, and B&N. This bestselling anthology is chock-full of Crazy. My short story Eternal Lie is featured in it. Eternal Lie is a Lovecraft inspired film-noir riff. One of the weirdest things I’ve ever written, but a hoot.

Just in case you need something to keep you occupied until I have other stories to tickle your eyeballs with.

Cult Classics For The Modern Cult, free on Amazon and B&N

Check back soon. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the weird and crazy stories working their way onto the page. Or discussions about other peoples’ weird and crazy stories, that have found their way onto my To Be Read list.