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Now Available: Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena

So, after snags with the preorder Krissy & Athena’s up for purchase. I’m running a bit behind on things, in part due to the ongoing blog tour and also because I’ve been putting my nose to the grindstone to get some other stuff in the works, which you’ll be hearing about very soon.

To apologize, though, you’ll be getting a double-helping of behind-the-scenes goodness. Both Krissy and Athena have their own playlists, and I’ll also be including some makeup looks for each woman’s tastes. Krissy and Athena’s a little different than my other stories, in that it follows a lesbian pairing. If that’s not your thing, just check back in a few weeks for Queen of Clubs: Crystal.

Now, about the makeup looks I’ll be sharing.

One of the hardest things about translating an idea that’s primarily a visual thing, like stripping, into text is that sometimes you miss some of the nuances you might see in film. You don’t necessarily see that whether a dancer prefers lace, or leather, or neon spandex has knock-on effects on her hustle.

For a long time now, I’ve kept some visual shorthand for ways in which the girls’ personalities factors into their costume choices, makeup, etc. And I’ve never gotten around to sharing that with you. But I’ll try to do better. I’ll also be going back to retroactively put together makeup looks to show for our previous heroines. Expect to see a lot of my creepy eyeball coming up.

Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena can be purchased from these awesome etailers! I hope you guys enjoy it; it’s been a long time since I flaunted my bisexual card, so writing this romance was a fun change of pace.

AmazonARE, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, iTunes

Love and lapdances!

Springtime Blog Tour!

Figured it was about time for a getting-to-know-you kind of thing. So I’ll be making a huge effort to be social, zipping all around the internet, talking poledancing, limerance, and kinks.

Also, a great gang of authors is having a pre-Vday party February 10th, with giveaways, including a Kindle! Sounds like fun, right? Come drop by! 

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Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena and Crystal are up for preorder!

As y’all can see, I suck at posting this this stuff promptly. While you were checking out Tori, you may have already noticed the preorder pages. But just in case, here’s buy links for the next two Queen of Clubs installments!

Krissy & Athena releases February 9th, and Crystal releases March 9th. Marina, the last installment in Queen of Clubs Season One will be up in April, but no preorders yet.



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Queen of Clubs: Tori’s Dancer Playlist

Tori’s live, y’all, and $.99 for just a few more days! Full list of etailers here.

BradleyPromo copy

And in honor of her launch, here’s her dancer playlist. Lots of tough, aggressive music spanning electronica and rock.  Bonus point for cude lyrics.

Let’s make it a Lord of Acid kind of night.

Love and lapdances!


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Queen of Clubs: Tori, now available for preorder!


Getting right up there! The third episode of Queen of Clubs is up for preorder now. Queen of Clubs: Tori features a brash dominatrix changing the rules of the game when she decides to pursue a relationship with a client.

ToriPromo copy

Want an idea of what you’re in for? Check out the Amazon exclusive short story prequel to Tori, Queen of Clubs:  Bradley.

BradleyPromo copy


Preorder/Buy links below!

Queen of Clubs: Tori Releases 1.12.15
Now Available for Preorder from Amazon, ARE, Smashwords,Kobo , iTunes, B&N

Katie, on Suz deMello’s Velvet Lair

A ways back, I got the chance to talk with Suz deMello, an awesome e-rom writer. Two of our books appear alongside each other in the WTRAFSOG Gemstone Collection. I’m planning on reviewing her book Perilous Play, soon, as it covers aspects of BDSM that are along my sore spots when other projects cover them badly.

Anyways, check me out on her blog.

#5. Do wear glittery eyeshadow. There’s a time and a place for everything. And glittery eyeshadow can take an ordinary smoky eye from date night to larger than life.  A little in the inner corner of the eye can light up your face. Or even covering the lids completely. The trick to keeping it in place is in what you use to stick it to your skin. Some companies produce sticky primers, like Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, that are good. To be honest, though, my favorite is plain old Vaseline.  This doesn’t work for normal eyeshadow, because Vaseline sits on the skin, and will smear it around. But that exact lack of absorption makes it basically ideal for keeping hold of the glitter all night long. Put it ONLY on the lid, not where your eye creases- in the crease, it will move around more. And use as little as you can. Just enough to make the skin tacky.

Count the rest down with her!

Love and lapdances!

Dancer Playlist: Malia

With Malia live, it’s time to talk about her music! She likes it slow, a little aggressive, and if it has an orchestral hook, all the better.

Oftentimes, Malia’s music isn’t clubworthy; when it can be incorporated into a set, it’s entirely because of her capacity as a performer. Rules are meant to be broken and all that.

But it’s lyrical, often melancholy, and it suits her.

Malia Promo copy

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Queen of Clubs: Malia is now available!

The second Queen of Clubs story, Malia, is now widely available!

The exotic dancers and employees of the Queen of Clubs walk a fine line, with only wits, beauty, and market savvy to keep them from toppling into the shark pit. Ride shotgun through lapdances, romance, and sexual awakenings. Don’t worry, these girls won’t ask what your hands are doing under the tip rail.

A former ballet dancer turned stripper ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. What could be worse than ending up in your first love’s lap…at his brother’s bachelor party?


Where To Buy:







Also available in the What To Read After FSOG Gemstone Collection, Part Eight.

I’m excited to share some excerpts, and Malia’s dancer playlist. In case you missed Cora, here’s an excerpt, and don’t forget to read it first! These stories are standalone, but some of the vocabulary has an easier entry point in Cora.

Cora Promo copy

And… here’s Malia!


Malia Promo copy

Love and Lapdances!