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Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena– Athena’s Makeup

First look to show! Glittery, dramatic, and neon, this look is definitely something for the stage or the bedroom, not for the faint of heart. But it matches that tangerine bikini! Later I’ll post something closer to Athena’s normal work look.


A quick caution before we start: the main color in this is Sugarpill Supercharged, a multi-use makeup pigment. Basically, you can use it as eyeshadow, as blush, mix it with lip gloss or nail polish… Laws on the safety of cosmetic products for different usages vary by region, and while this one is cleared for use around the eyes elsewhere, the FDA here in the US has not weighed in. So it’s probably pretty low-risk using it on the eyes, but use your discretion. If you have sensitive skin,  give the look a pass, and don’t risk a bad reaction.  Or swap in a different color; the nice thing about this look is that you can take pretty much any bright pigment for the lid, and it’ll look killer. In my years, I haven’t had a bad reaction from using a lip-safe pigment on the eyes, or an eye-safe pigment on the lips, but that’s totally just my own mileage. Yours may vary.

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