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Queen of Clubs: Marina, Marina’s Makeup

So. I know I’m not caught up on these yet- I still have to do Crystal’s, Tori’s, Malia’s looks, and photograph Cora’s. Illustration takes time, even if you can crib off someone else’s sketch.


But Marina. The most cutthroat girl at the Queen of Clubs, determined to present the best possible fantasy she can…. Suffice to say the babe’s got some bedroom eyes. Not for the faint of heart, or the office. Reminder- for a guide to terminology used and techniques I may refer to, check here. For a (slightly) more daytime appropriate look, use a less sticky primer, and for greater vibrancy, use a tacky one, or pick shadows you can foil. I went with option A.

A minor disclaimer on this one- I had some issues with my primer, that coupled with my tedinitis, and my brows being severely ungroomed… Well, my look may make the look a bit different than the chart. For Marina’s bone structure, she’s got a little more lid than me- you can see I mostly have browbone, so my crease contour is different. Joys of designing looks for a variety of facial structures. I’ll just wink and say that’s an example of how you can tailor one of the facecharts to your own features.

Stay tuned for Tori and Crystal’s vintage looks, and Cora’s largely daytime look, when I get caught up and manage to whip those eyebrows into line!

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