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Edgeplay’s back on Amazon!

It’s a relief to be writing this after the high-stress updates of last week, and the frantic emails of the week before. However, I’m thrilled and surprised to announce that the ebook edition of Edgeplay is back on Amazon.

When Edgeplay was pulled, you guys were tremendously supportive in spreading the word.  And someone at Amazon must have noticed.
Yesterday, the higher ups at KDP’s customer service called me (itself a rarity) about Edgeplay, and were exceedingly forthcoming in discussing the book with me, including the elements that had caused it to be flagged. Because of their decision to communicate openly with me, Edgeplay will be able to go up for sale with everything important intact. No changes to the book, no censoring words or content in the book itself. The changes they required for me to make to metadata/description were reasonable. While I still believe that banning books on the basis of metadata provides a poorer experience for their customers, and that failing that they should communicate with authors about where they draw the line from the beginning, in this case, it’s a happy ending. It means that Edgeplay can be on the largest retailer’s digital bookshelf, where it has the greatest chance of reaching people, which is all an author ever wants for their book.
As you guys may be able to gather, the story I told in Edgeplay was never about the money for me. It’s a polarizing book, but it’s the one that I get contacted about most frequently, from people who were touched by it. I’m over the moon that Edgeplay will be able to continue touching readers.
Thank you guys for your support!
If you want that ebook now that it’s back on the shelf, you can get it here.