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Not Good For Me: An Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

Sometimes I get to do really effing cool things. Now’s one of those times. Recently, I reviewed Suzy Favor Hamilton’s memoir Fast Girl: A Life Spent Running From Madness, and now I’m back, having gotten to speak to the lady, herself!

Both the review, and the interview can be read on Tits and Sass, one of the best websites out there covering sex work-specific interests.

If you aren’t familiar with Suzy Favor Hamilton’s story, she’s a former Olympic athlete who was outed in 2012 as a Las Vegas agency escort. With a family history of bipolar disorder, and after obtaining her own diagnosis, she wrote the memoir to discuss her experiences with mental illness and her early career, and how she found her way to escorting. Lots of fascinating stuff, since mental illness and sex work are both highly stigmatized, and that puts those who have experience with both at a particular disadvantage in the public discourse.

So check out T&S for what she has to say!

I’ll be back with news of exciting new releases, and whatnot, just as soon as I can take a break from my hellish NaNoWriMo quota.

Sex work and Criminalization: 10 Harms of Criminalization

Some of you (those who follow me on facebook, you poor souls) may have heard me agitating about Amnesty International’s draft proposal to decriminalize sex work. This week, a variant of that proposal was voted into policy. This changes nothing for sex workers immediately, however Amnesty’s support enables sex worker rights organizations and other groups to apply pressure to countries to change individual laws that infringe on the rights of sex workers.

In celebration, let me break down 10 ways criminalization and stigma harms sex workers, trafficking victims, and marginalized communities. For those who got bored by my massive post, with links, on the terms that define the sex industry. Visit that post for links on this one; I don’t have another 50+ link research paper bibliography in me. Not when I’ve still got stories to tell, and books to share with you. Also, this is far from a complete list; this issue is exceedingly complex. If you want more information on it, Amnesty’s draft proposal is great, too, containing a plethora of new research.

TW: sexism, racism, abelism, transphobia and homophobia, sexual assault and violence, exploitation, police violence.

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