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Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena- Krissy’s Makeup

For those who’re new to my makeup tutorials, check out this post for some how-to’s.

A note before we begin: I used some other tricks on my brows, since I wanted them to be candy-colored to match the makeup, not my natural hair color. Ignore my choice of color. The important thing is to fill in any weak spots in your brows, so they’re strong enough to match the eyeliner. Another note- my lower lashes are really thick and hold onto pigment and mascara, so it looks like I’ve done shading at the outer edge of my lower lashline. That’s not the case. It’s just mascara that I was too “eh” to remove. Most of you won’t want to use heavy mascara on your lower lashes.


Krissy is a bit of a makeup chameleon. She’s not afraid of color, not afraid of boldness, and doesn’t really have one look. But something both vintage and punk like this suits her nicely, using bold color and shape rather than a dark smoky.

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