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Dancer Playlist: Candy

Candy’s music’s all over the place. From upbeat pop, rap, and EDM, to songs tinged with bittersweet longing and tragedy… She’s a wild card. You never know quite what you’ll get, since it’s whatever feels fun to her in the moment.

Candy knows what she’s doing, and her music reflects that. Powerful women stalking their prey, and dancing without a care. She can be out of control or brazen at times, but that’s part of her charm.

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Dancer Playlist: Lia

I’ve been so swamped with new stories, I’ve gotten behind on sharing playlists and such with you guys! Starting with Lia’s.

Lots of classic rock, and a handful of newer songs with an updated classic rock vibe. Lia doesn’t try to play to current tastes- she picks the stuff that makes her customers feel young. If she gets a younger DJ, it might take a little negotiation to get a fuller playlist for a busy night shift, but her songs will be a respite for older guys who’re put off by all the pop and rap stuff. And there’s money to be made in that.

Love and lapdances!


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Queen of Clubs: Tori’s Dancer Playlist

Tori’s live, y’all, and $.99 for just a few more days! Full list of etailers here.

BradleyPromo copy

And in honor of her launch, here’s her dancer playlist. Lots of tough, aggressive music spanning electronica and rock. ┬áBonus point for cude lyrics.

Let’s make it a Lord of Acid kind of night.

Love and lapdances!


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