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Dancer Playlist: Lia

I’ve been so swamped with new stories, I’ve gotten behind on sharing playlists and such with you guys! Starting with Lia’s.

Lots of classic rock, and a handful of newer songs with an updated classic rock vibe. Lia doesn’t try to play to current tastes- she picks the stuff that makes her customers feel young. If she gets a younger DJ, it might take a little negotiation to get a fuller playlist for a busy night shift, but her songs will be a respite for older guys who’re put off by all the pop and rap stuff. And there’s money to be made in that.

Love and lapdances!


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Queen of Clubs: Rhapsody and Cora 2 are now available!

 Because I regally suck at talking about stuff right when it comes out. I’ve been updating links, and talking to those of you on my mailing list. But life got in the way of sharing the news here. Not all the vendors have these stories yet, and I’ll continue updating the Queen of Clubs series page with links, as they become available.

Queen of Clubs: Rhapsody*
Available from Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords.

  *  Formerly available exclusively on Amazon as part of the Seven First Kisses bundle. 

Queen of Clubs: Cora 2
Available from Amazon, B&NiTunesKobo, Smashwords.

Rhapsody stars three people who’ll be emerging in series of their own: the hero and heroine of the story move onward in the Rex Roderick, Sex Detective series, coming soon. And another character moves on to become the heroine of her own tale in the Princess of Thieves series, coming soon.

Cora 2 returns to Cora and Kirk, but with a lot of new drama… You’ll know where it picks up, if you read Tori.

Okay- I had a lot of fun with these. Rex is largely my attempt to step outside my boundaries a bit, creating something with more action-centered plots, and a film-noir tone. Because variety is the spice of life. It’s steamy, and smutty, and a blast to write. And Anna, of Princess of Thieves, is one of my favorite characters to write, because of how she carries her wounds with her.  Their stories have a little work yet before they’re ready to get chucked into the world, like baby birds shoved out of their nest so they can learn to flap their wings.  But they’re acoming. (Wow. I’ve never written that phrase out before. It looks weird in text.)

And Cora 2… well, I’m a sucker for twisted webs, and I couldn’t resist following up with her, with how the job has changed her, and where she’s at, finding herself. You’re gonna see a lot more continuity here on out, though each story’s still pretty accessible as a standalone. She’s kinda a taste of where the new season’s going. Soon, too, I’ll be sharing Lia’s story with you. Just a few weeks away… So ARC readers, mailing list readers, stay tuned for news on that. Or join my facebook group to get some additional notifications and teasers.

Love and lapdances!

Queen of Clubs: Krissy & Athena and Crystal are up for preorder!

As y’all can see, I suck at posting this this stuff promptly. While you were checking out Tori, you may have already noticed the preorder pages. But just in case, here’s buy links for the next two Queen of Clubs installments!

Krissy & Athena releases February 9th, and Crystal releases March 9th. Marina, the last installment in Queen of Clubs Season One will be up in April, but no preorders yet.



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Dancer Playlist: Malia

With Malia live, it’s time to talk about her music! She likes it slow, a little aggressive, and if it has an orchestral hook, all the better.

Oftentimes, Malia’s music isn’t clubworthy; when it can be incorporated into a set, it’s entirely because of her capacity as a performer. Rules are meant to be broken and all that.

But it’s lyrical, often melancholy, and it suits her.

Malia Promo copy

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Queen of Clubs: Malia is now available!

The second Queen of Clubs story, Malia, is now widely available!

The exotic dancers and employees of the Queen of Clubs walk a fine line, with only wits, beauty, and market savvy to keep them from toppling into the shark pit. Ride shotgun through lapdances, romance, and sexual awakenings. Don’t worry, these girls won’t ask what your hands are doing under the tip rail.

A former ballet dancer turned stripper ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. What could be worse than ending up in your first love’s lap…at his brother’s bachelor party?


Where To Buy:







Also available in the What To Read After FSOG Gemstone Collection, Part Eight.

I’m excited to share some excerpts, and Malia’s dancer playlist. In case you missed Cora, here’s an excerpt, and don’t forget to read it first! These stories are standalone, but some of the vocabulary has an easier entry point in Cora.

Cora Promo copy

And… here’s Malia!


Malia Promo copy

Love and Lapdances!